"He may well win the race that runs by himself."

-Ben Franklin

100 Projects in 100 Days - a front-end, React, and MERN stack development challenge inspired by Quincy Larson at FreeCodeCamp. This site lovingly created in the brutalist style by James Hubert.

Day Date Project Name Description Technologies Link
1 1/1/2020 BBC.com homepage clone Clone of BBC.com homepage html,css
2 1/2/2020 BBC.com News section clone Clone of BBC.com news section html,css
3 1/3/2020 Zillow.com clone Clone of zillow.com - an Alexa-ranked top 50 website in the US html,css
4 1/4/2020 Form validation with jQuery jquery form validation jquery, html, css, javascript
5 1/5/2020 Chrome html/css/js IDE and renderer Clone of JS Bin functionality - renders html, css, and javascript live jQuery, Javascript
6 1/6/2020 Instructure.com clone Clone of instructure.com - an Alexa-ranked top 50 website in the US HTML,CSS
7 1/7/2020 App landing page App landing page with Bootstrap front-end Bootstrap, jQuery
8 1/8/2020 Wordpress practice Wordpress practice for Rob Percival Web Dev course Wordpress
9 1/9/2020 JS Pomodoro Timer Pure JS 25/5 pomodoro timer. Responsive. Removed jQuery for independence from CDN and speed HTML, CSS, JS, DOM
10 1/10/2020 PHP Spambot Functional mass email tool written in JS and PHP with Bootstrap front-end PHP, Bootstrap, JS, HTML
11 1/11/2020 Find the Weather site Weather finder website PHP, Bootstrap, JS, HTML
12 1/12/2020 CSS Grid in One Page Updated version of a page made for FreeCodeCamp's Front-End Certification, now using Bootstrap styling and the spyscroll component. Bootstrap, HTML, CSS
13 1/13/2020 Keyboard Beat Pad Finished version of simple keyboard beatpad made for Wes Bos' Javascript 30 course. Emphasis was on connecting keyboard events to sounds and using CSS transitions to animate the pads. DOM, JS, CSS
14 1/14/2020 Larry David Soundboard Building on the tools in the day 13 project, created a soundboard using CSS grid. Implements a dynamic element id fetcher using jQuery and JS. jQuery, CSS Grid, DOM, infinite scroll, html audio
15 1/15/2020 Javascript Paint This simple Javascript paint application allows users to draw and paint with differently sized tools, erase, and choose colors. CSS variables, DOM
16 1/16/2020 JS Array Methods Cheatsheet This document, written in Markdown .md format gives a summary and examples of the common ES5+ array methods. These methods are extremely useful, and everyone could use a little practice writing markdown! ES5+
17 1/17/2020 Digital clock Digital clock with simple styling. Makes use of JS Date object methods- from NetNinja JS tutorials. JS Date and Time
18 1/18/2020 Interactive Quiz This interactive quiz uses Bootstrap CSS for styling and makes use of Javascript's setInterval() method to animate the user's results after submission. Booststrap CSS, JS
19 1/19/2020 Etsy Clone Clone of Etsy's mobile web front-end. WARNING: Must be viewed on mobile or on screen width less than 800px for best experience. vanilla JS, media queries
20 1/20/2020 imgur Clone Clone of imgur's homepage - a top 50 US alexa-ranked site html, css
21 1/21/2020 Cities Search with auto-suggest From Wes Bos JS 30 course, this is a search bar with an auto-fill suggestion feature built in vanilla JS. City data is built from an external JSON file. JS, Regex, JSON, AJAX
22 1/22/2020 DOM-only to do list This simple todo list allows users to search for items, add new ones and delete. Uses only local cache. JS, DOM
23 1/23/2020

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